We want to host your reunion or retreat!

If you didn’t already know, we added on to the Inn just over a year ago. The Grand Victorian Ballroom and the Puget Suite were the major additions with other smaller upgrades to the older part of the Inn as well.

The ballroom is working out great but we would love to start hosting more events outside of weddings.  Family unions would be fantastic here. We already have a few smaller ones, or people attending reunions, but with the ability to seat 60 people, and sleep 14, the Inn really is a great place to base your reunion.

The same can be said for retreats. We would love to host a yoga retreat on a regular basis. we have had some interest but nothing solid yet.  We use to host a beading retreat hosted by a local artist, and it would be nice to see that start again. Currently we are working on a Quilters Retreat hosted by a notable west coast quilter for April of 2020. We hope that is at least an annual event too.

Perhaps you have an idea for an event, but haven’t quite worked out the details. We would love to help you build out your plan and provide a event space. Just reach out to us and we can have a chat.

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