The Olympic’s Loop

Right in our backyard are the beautiful and majestic Olympic Mountains, part of the Olympic National Park. It always amazes me how during our high tourist season we get both regional and international guests who have Mount Rainier National Park on their list, but have not even considered the Olympics as a destination.

The guests that do consider the Olympics often have planned a day trip or “doing the loop” in a day. Doing the loop consists of driving around the whole park in one day. It is at least six and half hours of driving and 329 miles (from Olympia and not counting the turn offs in to the park itself).

We try to convince guests to break the trip up into at least two days, but to see it properly around five days. If a guest only has a day to spare, from Olympia, we recommend simply driving up to the Staircase entrance and completing the Staircase Rapids trail. It is 2.5 miles and easy. It compares well to the Hall of Mosses in the Hoh Rainforest (over 3 hours away), and combines the varied scenery of Lake Cushman, rivers and creeks, mountains and a suspension bridge.

Guests who choose to expand their itinerary to take in the wonders of the park will have the choices of three National Park lodges, Bed and Breakfasts, camping along with independent motels and chains. If you not choose the lodges of Lake Quinault, Kalaloch Beach or Lake Crescent, Bed and Breakfasts really are the next best thing. They are much better value then the lodges too! The best place to find quality Bed and Breakfasts is Washington Innsiders. It is the state association for smaller independent lodging. Locations on the olympics loop to look would include Aberdeen, Forks, Port Angles, Sequim and Port Townsend.

If you ever need personal recommendations just email or call us. Even if your not staying with us we will look after you. We love the Olympics and have camped, hiked and walked in most of the areas. Off course topping and tailing your adventure with a stay with us would polish off the experience.



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