Espresso Bar

We are reopened our Espresso Bar! We have started to overcome the obstacles the city created, working with them as best we can, with a temporary solution as we work towards a longer term one. You can read all about the history of the window below.

In the meantime we provide a great place to drop in and have a coffee with a friend. We can also work with you to host meetings for your club, group or meetup.

Why we have an Espresso Bar

When we built the Grand Victorian Ballroom, we incorporated a espresso machine in to the bar area. Our friends and coffee partners at Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, sold us a La Marzocco Strada MP and various other necessary equipment. We also completed their training, which not only taught us the mechanics of pulling shots of espresso, but also their philosophy on buying, selling and creating the perfect roasted coffee. From grower to drinker, this is some of the best coffee anywhere.

La Marzocco Strada MP

With that in mind, and in this wonderful pandemic situation, we have decided to open the window to serve espresso based coffee drinks. Think of it as a walk up window. Think of it as a place to locals to walk to, grab a coffee and continue their walk.

We are offering a limited menu. A one size fits most. Ten ounce drinks. Compostable cups. Reusable tumblers. A limited selection of baked goods that our overnight guests love.

That all sounds great but….

We hit some road blocks with the city. It is a long story, and this new solution will at least let us test the waters longer term. Making the window a more permanent part of our business.

A temporary solution, and a plan.

With the help and assistance of the Eastside Neighborhood Association (ENA), and in particular the tireless work of Roger Horn, we have a partial solution.

We are partnering with the ENA to open the Espresso Bar and Ballroom as a “Community Clubhouse”. Basically this means it is a ENA sanctioned meeting place. It will work for now, or at least it is what we are going to try.

Longer term the plan is to have our area of the neighborhood deemed a Neighborhood Center (like San Francisco Street bakery and  Wildwood). This process will take up to 2 years.

It the meantime we can prove to the decision makers that this is a desirable and supported addition to the Inn, for all neighbors, not just our guests.


Saturday and Sunday

8am to Noon

We are rebooting with limited hours. We will expand upon these as demand shows us it is needed.