Security Camera Door Bell

A lot of guests have noted that we have a fancy door bell, that features a camera on it. We do indeed use the Ring doorbell. We have had it in operation now for a few months and love it.

It allows us to be notified when there is motion in front of the Inn, and of course when the doorbell is rung. It gives the ability for two way communication even when we are not at the Inn (albeit this is not perfect every time).

One of the best features for us is knowing when we missed someone that came to the front door, but maybe did not ring it. That person is recorded in their activity, whether that be dropping off a package or simply scoping out the gardens. It has even caught a suspicious character walking around our car park late at night. They were shocked that we went out and asked them what they were doing. It did the job and scared them off!

They also offer a “”stick-up” camera that does not feature a doorbell activated, but still gives you two way communication and cloud recording.

Ring Doorbell Coupon

We even joined the Ring Explorers program that gives our friends and neighbors a nice discount on their purchase. The code will give residents $25.00 off their doorbell purchase. Your code is “9ringolympia.” All Lowercase. Just go to Ring.com to purchase and redeem.

If you live local and want to see it in action just let us know. We are always happy to share great ideas like this!


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