Internship at the Inn

We are offering an opportunity for an Evergreen student to undertake an internship here at the Inn.

TJ Johnson, Evergreen Professor and of Urban Futures Farm, suggested that we look at Evergreen and its pool of students as a resource for the Inn. He had interns at his farm. We want to emulate that and find a student who is knowledgeable and passionate about sustainable agriculture, to help us with our large vegetable garden and other gardens at the Inn.

Our goal is to find someone that not only is willing to get their hands dirty, but to put in to practice the teachings and knowledge they have gained at the college. Primarily we would like to increase the yield of fruit and vegetables we obtain from the garden. In a longer term plan we want to complete some landscaping that will potentially add an urban orchard and lavender field.

This is not a paid internship, however we imagine sharing the bounty with the student, and providing discounts to friends and family that come to visit.

We ourselves are very keen gardeners and beekeepers.

You can find the listing buy going to the CODa page (Evergreen Community Opportunities Database).

Other potential internships

If the internship works for us, we have other ideas for internships as well. They include;

  • Property Historian, helping us complete and document the history of our property.
  • Social Media Evangelist, helping us promote not just the Inn, but Olympia, to the world. Through our Inn web site, other travel web sites we manage, and various forms of social media.

Both of these positions may include remuneration. If you are interested in these fields and have ideas feel free to contact us to discuss (they are not listed on CODa at this time).

Part of the hope with these internships is to help students gain credits towards their degrees and give us a way to give back to the college which influences our town, and provides us with business.



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