eBikes and Food Trucks

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Short Rides to Big Flavors

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Three food truck plazas

Less than four miles to each

Countless exciting flavors


Rent an eBike

Swantown Inn & Spa has a small fleet of Rad Power Bikes available to rent by the hour, half day, or day. The power assist will let you go further, faster, especially on hilly terrain.

Reservations are a must, so call to schedule your ride: 360.753.9123

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Treat yourself to waffles, amazing breakfast treats, fresh whipped cream and berries on an everchanging menu. Be sure to try both sweet and savory options!

Nestled in among Olympita and Boka Island Fusion next to Beerworks at Pacific and Steele, just over 1 mile through the Eastside neighborhood, check out Madison Scenic Park on the way. (That’s a steep hill, so don’t plan on peddling directly there, we recommend heading into the neighborhood a few blocks over to ease the incline.)

Funnel of Love

Enjoy a bit of deep fried everything, like the country fair has come to you. Whether you crave Elephant Ears or Deep Fried Oreos, you’re in luck.

Located at The Lacey Depot at Pacific and Lebanon, the bulk of the 3.5 mile ride from Swantown Inn & Spa is nestled away from car traffic along the scenic Karen Fraser Woodland Trail.

Whitewood Cider Co.

Grab a some delicious falafel from Nineveh and take a seat at the Tasting Room & Taproom to try some amazing local concoctions. We particularly love the Rhubarb Ginger Beer (Non-Alcoholic), Gravenstein Heirloom Cider.

4th and Plum is a nice, easy 1 mile ride with the opportunity to explore the historic Yashiro Japanese Garden on the way.




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