Wedding & Baby Showers

Baby Shower Setup
Swantown Scones, Maple Pecan.

One of the most commonly asked for events at the Inn are showers. Baby Showers or Wedding Showers, they are both similar, celebrating new beginnings.

Now that we have the new Grand Victorian Ballroom, we are now able to offer a package that will exceed your expectations. Plenty of room for 30 people. Great coffee, tea and espresso paired with desserts and the like to die for! We even have family friendly restrooms!

For pricing and more information see, Showers.

Take advantage of our multifaceted Inn. Treat the mother or bride to be to a night at the Inn. If you have a small group (6 or under) you may enjoy sharing the Puget Suite and making a night or two of it.

As always we have a package that is specifically tailored for the specific purpose of a shower. However we are also realists and realize that not ever event fits in to that particular box. Customizations are possible on request. So request a tour and come and see the event space in person. We can almost guarantee that you will not be disappointed.



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