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Support Small Business Series

The Swantown Inn is a small Mom and Pop, family owned business. In this new series of blog posts we want to highlight other small businesses. Some we frequent often, some less so, but if there is a choice between a chain and a local option we almost always go for the local.

Olympia Farmers Market

Olympioa Farmers Market Logo

We have been in Olympia for almost 20 years. We quickly came to realize that the Olympia Farmers Market is one of the most authentic and community minded places in town. It use to reopen in April, after closing after Christmas, to a beautiful weekend and was packed. It was like Olympia waking up from the winter. Nowadays it is open throughout the year, staying open on Saturdays through the winter months, so it does not feel as there is as much of a grand awakening like in years past. What we do notice is that the market starts filling with veggie starts, plants and produce.

In April the market operates Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 3pm. It is definately busier on the weekends, but there are gems still to be found on the weekdays, and if you are adverse to crowds this may be a great time to visit.

Between 11am and 2pm, there are musical performances on the stage at the Olympia Farmers Market. You can enjoy the entertainment while you eat from the half dozen plus food vendors offering everything from Indian to Mediterranean cuisine. Our favorite has always been the Don Pepe Burrito. It’s a meal and a half in itself, and a great value for the price.

As we like to think ourselves as avid gardens we love purchases our seeds from Maurrice’s Garden. We loaded up on Sunflowers (our daughter Lauren’s favorite), butternut squash (Nathan’s favorite) and the ubiquitious heiloom tomatoes and scarlett runner beans.

Not only can you purchase great seeds here, but you get some sage advice if you need it! This year their are also seed packets including everything you need for a Childrens Garden, Flower Garden, or Vege Garden.

For more specific details on vendors, opening times and featured performances, check out their web site.

There are so many other vendors, and they are all small businesses! Not to mention one of our previous small businesses stories is across the road, Linger Boutique, who seem to follow the opening hours of the market.



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