South Sound Block Party 2023 – Olympia Music Festival

South Sound Block Party StageWe asked one of our Baristas, Kyleena Rauser, to write a piece on the South Sound Block Party. She attended last year (we were too busy with the Inn, the curse of the Innkeeper in summer). Hopefully this inspires you to come and stay two to three nights at the Inn for this years event!

Summer air, heart beat racing bass, and songs you can’t get out of your head. The South Sound Block Party is the most fantastic end to summer you could ask for. Last year proves this easily, the terrific musicians had the crowd listening and dancing till midnight. The festival had food and drinks as well as a varied lineup of musicians. There were games and the community was just amazing. It was one of my favorite memories of last summer and I can’t wait to do it again.

The lineup of musicians this year is fantastic with local musicians such as “Them Badgers” and “Wild Powwers” as well as many out of state bands and musicians. The music shifts anywhere between pop to folk to alternative rock. The musicians are split between two days Friday the 25th August with a line up of: 

  • Wild Powwers
  • Annie DiRusso
  • Oranj Goodman
  • Sunny War
  • Sub-Radio
  • Daisies

And Saturday the 26th of August with a line up of:

  • Kelsey Magnusum  
  • The Lowest Pair
  • Them Badgers
  • Terror/Cactus 
  • Skating Polly 
  • Wildermiss
  • The Moss

With many bands lined up for the two evenings the South Sound Block party also arranges for food and drink for the festival goers. Last year they had multiple food trucks, one of which had the best falafel I had ever tasted! Food and drink are not allowed to be brought in but do not worry! There are many options in both categories. There is also alcohol for those who care to indulge, in a bar surrounded by lights. 

South Sound Block Party Shade SailsSpeaking of lights, last year’s décor was very fun and creative with multi-colored blue and yellow hanging decorations and lights. There were chairs for viewers and game boards with bean bags for games. It was relaxing and refreshing.  

One of my favorite things about the South Sound Block Party last year was the interaction with the bands. Often people would shout out and interact with the bands and the bands would encourage it. I haven’t been to many concerts but it was amazing to see and feel the energy between the performers and the audience. Not only are the people you meet there nice but the performers are so sweet! And ridiculously talented. 

Depending on how long you want to stay for the festival or who you want to see you can buy tickets for one day or both or even VIP tickets that allow you to meet the bands. Base ticket for the weekend cost 75$ while VIP tickets cost 125$. 

This lively and fun festival is a great reason to come and stay in Olympia and while here why not relax at the Swantown Inn? A bed and breakfast that takes on an old Victorian style. It’s a spacious and warm place to stay with tons of lush Washington greenery surrounding it. The Swantown Inn is very close to downtown Olympia (where the Block Party is held) as well as other parts of Olympia that are easy and fun to visit. 


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Get your tickets and weekend pass here: https://www.southsoundblockparty.com/ 

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