The Spa

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Olympia’s Day Spa Retreat

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We have come to the very hard decision of closing the Day Spa.

We are not able to come to an arrangement that makes sense to both us and our therapist.

We are honoring existing bookings only.

The spa space, may be available for rent to Massage Therapists operating a completely separate massage experience.

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Close to the heart of Olympia, tucked away on the third floor of our Victorian Bed & Breakfast, this calming refuge is worlds away from everyday life.

This is no ordinary appointment, this is a day to recharge your life with relaxing soaks, luxurious massage treatments, and food that will indulge your senses. Take time for yourself, unwind, and make yourself at home.

Guests must show proof of vaccination.

By appointment only. Call for availability. 360.753.9123

Currently we only offer appointments on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Starting wither at 10am or Noon.

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Bespoke Massage Experience

Our advanced treatment designed exclusively for Swantown Inn & Spa begins and ends with you. The house therapist works with you to target your areas of tension, using clinical techniques with various levels of pressure, gradually melting into the deeper layers of the muscles, activating the slow release of energy and blood flow through the tissue.

This is the relaxation you need.

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Day Spa ShowerYour time in the spa is all yours. There is a typical schedule, but it’s up to you. The spa experience begins at either 10am or 12 noon.

We only have one appointment per day. This guarantees there will be no rush whatsoever.

Special time accommodations are possible, but may require more advanced booking.

When one person is present allow at least 4 hours, and with two people 6 hours, to assure at no time you feel rushed.

See what other guests are saying about the spa in reviews.

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Our spa is unique. You are not just getting a massage. Here is a list of the amenities and services you will receive or have access to;

Chacuterrie Board

  • Tea service and foot soak
  • Relaxation time
  • Up to 2 hour bespoke massage
  • Olympia Day Spa lunch platter
  • Water always available, stay hydrated
  • Deluxe Jetted Shower, featuring Steam Room

While in the spa it is your sanctuary.  Only the Therapist will be present, with your platter being dropped off by Innkeepers.

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Our Licensed Massage Practitioner is Joshua.

He is a fully licensed and insured medical professional. He has been practicing for over a decade and also is on the teaching staff of our local massage school.

Communication with your therapist is key. From your intake form, to voicing your needs on everything from pressure and positioning, the goal is always for you to have the most beneficial and relaxing massage experience possible.

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Nothing is set in stone here. It is your experience, and this schedule is only meant to be a guide to the flow you can expect during your time at the Day Spa.

  • Arrive at Inn.
  • Check in at front desk, filling out intake in our guest lounge.
  • Therapist will greet you and take you upstairs to the Day Spa.
  • Opportunity to change and put on a robe, while therapist draws foot soak for you and prepares tea service. This time can be anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour.
  • You will then be invited to the treatment room, where you will disrobe (to your level of comfort) and lay on the massage table. 
  • After affirming your requests and focus areas, your bespoke massage will begin. It will last for up to 2 hours.
  • You will then have the opportunity to sit in the foot soaking room, and dine on the lunch platter (typically a chacuterrie and pastry items).
  • Opportunity to use the shower and steam room, or simply relax.
  • Note, when two people are sharing the experience, one has their massage before lunch and the other after. While the other is in the treatment room you have full access to the amenities of the spa.

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Service for you: 4 hours, $300
With a friend: 6 hours, $600

  • Gift certificates for specific services will be honored or applied to new offerings at your discretion
  • $50 credit per person for overnight guests

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In These Times

We are committed to making the amenities at Swantown Inn & Spa available to you while complying with pertinent regulations and best practices. Your hosts and massage therapist are vaccinated and masked, likewise, guests must show proof of vaccination and wear a mask while interacting. Surfaces are sanitized after every use and air purifiers are used throughout the spa.

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