As we transition to Spring of 2022, the pandemic and its effects seem to be less of a problem. It has definitely changed how we run the Inn and Spa forever. There are some protocols that we are going to keep, for your comfort and safety and for our families safety.



Most of the recommendations and government mandated restrictions have been lifted, except for Spa services as massage is considered a medical treatment. Businesses are allowed to have their own set of standards, and moving forward this is what we are going to continue to do.

THE INN is completely open for and accepting vaccinated guests in the main Inn. Unvaccinated guests may book the Puget Suite, as a Vacation Rental (so there will be little to no contact). we are choosing to keep this requirement as guests feel safer and at less risk. Masks in the Inn are completely optional.

THE SPA is open, and must still abide by government guidelines. We are following all guidelines, massage therapy is considered  medical, and hence masks are required. We also require vaccination as the spa is located within the Inn.

For more details, that are simple and to the point see Our Pandemic Response (COVID19)  Guidelines

Last updated: April 12th 2022