Kickstarter Campaign for Espresso upgrade

UPDATE: December 10th 2017 – we achieved our goal!

If you have not heard we are expanding the Inn & Spa. In fact in a couple of months it should be done, or pretty close to it. It is an exciting yet nerve-racking process.  As part of the expansion we are going to install a espresso bar. We already purchased the major equipment, the machine and grinder. However we need your support to finish off the area and , buy incidentals.

We have never asked for financial support from our guests, friends, fans, family and community. It is humbling to comprehend. We hope there are enough people that share our vision and want to see our dream complete. Our initial goal is $2000 with stretch goals in $1000 increments that will help us polish off more tasks and items on our list. They are all listed on the Campaign page.

We have the support of our friends and suppliers at Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. They will provide all of our training and have advised us on what we we need.

Check out our Kickstarter!
Our New Mugs are a reward
Thank you for taking the time to read this! Share it with you friends. There are some great value rewards. We hope you find some for yourself or to use as gifts this Christmas Season.



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