2024 Legislative Session, overnight and short term lodging options.

We have been hosting lobbyists, lawmakers, business people and constituents at our Inn for over 25 years. Some are here for one night while testifying on bills, while others take advantage of our longer term lodging while here for the entire session.

There are several reasons why people involved in our political process might want to stay at the Swantown Inn during legislative session.

  • Proximity to the Capitol Campus. The Swantown Inn is located just a short walk from the Washington State Capitol Building and other state government offices. This makes it a convenient place for lobbyists to meet with lawmakers and their staff. It is literally 1.1 miles away. Of course you can drive, but then you have parking to contend with.
  • Amenities and services. The Swantown Inn offers a variety of amenities and services that are appealing to lobbyists, including desks in each room, high speed internet (with the ability for secure dedicated networks), and meeting space.
  • Privacy and Networking. The Swantown Inn is a small Bed and Breakfast, which means that lobbyists can meet with lawmakers and other colleagues in a discreet and confidential setting.

In addition to the above, the Swantown Inn is also a historic property, built in 1887, that has been in operation since 1997. This gives us a certain cachet that may be appealing to some travelers. It is not your standard bland hotel or motel, it has a warmth and character that can make you feel at home. It gives you a more relaxing setting to retreat to for meetings or just wind down after a day of working.

Overall, the Swantown Inn offers a number of advantages for people who are looking for a place to stay during legislative session. It is located close to the Capitol Campus, offers a variety of amenities and services, provides privacy and security, and offers networking opportunities.

Note that when considering a stay with us, that for Government Employees we honor the Government Per Diem. we also offer discounted rates for multiple night and frequent stays.  We also can recommend the best places in town to wine and dine.



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