Signature Massage

This is our Signature massage that all of our massage therapists are well versed in. This is also our most popular service. What is our Signature Massage? Your appointment time is scheduled for two (or 2.5. or 3) hours, giving you plenty of time to change, relax while soaking your feet, your 60 (or 90, or 120) minute massage based on a Swedish massage technique and at least 30 minutes following your massage to use our deluxe jetted shower, relax further in our relaxation room with more tea or water, change and slowly return to the rest of the world relaxed and calm. More than a massage, this is a true experience.

Swedish massage is typically what people think of when they are thinking of massage. This style, which has been around for over a hundred and fifty years, has many benefits and is very relaxing and enjoyable. Swedish is known for it’s long gliding strokes but it also includes techniques like kneading or vibration. Swedish massage can improve circulation, increase range of motion, and reduce muscle tension. This style can also assist in restoring mobility, hydrating your tissues, and softening and toning your muscles. These techniques are done on a table and will include professional draping, and the use of oil or lotion. If you are ready to melt away wear and tear from your everyday life, Swedish massage is an excellent way to say “thank you” to your body. Let us help you leave the world behind and step into bliss.

60 minutes – $119.00 (Gratuity Included)
90 minutes – $159.00 (Gratuity Included)


Overnight Guests

Overnight guests are offered a credit if they decide to take advantage of the spa during their stay.  Note that you must book the service in advance to be sure of service availability.