Purchasing a Rad Power Bike

Whether you rented a bike from us, or are looking at your options for a affordable, quality eBike, look no further!

When we created our rental fleet, we did weeks of research. we looked at multiple brands and talked to many people. The Rad Power Bike company was the leader in price point, quality, variety and customer support. Designed and partially assembled in the USA, this American company offers a quality bike at a very competitive cost.

You can support us, our Rental Fleet (hopefully growing) and a small business by simply following this link to make your purchase;

Purchase a Rad Power Bike

Full disclosure, we are part of Rad’s affiliate program, so we get a commission if you do use this link. As a thank you and to help encourage more of your friends to get eBikes, upon confirm of purchase through our link tracking, we will issue you a $50 Gift Certificate. This can be used towards a stay at the Inn, or would cover a 4 hour rental so you can eBike with a friend.