Olympia Film Society

Marked by steady growth in members, volunteers, and regular film screenings, the history of the Olympia Film Society (OFS) describes our ascent from a handful of film lovers chipping in to rent films once a month to an organization with over 1500 members. OFS now shows independent, international and classic film year-round, offers special live performances, and produces a nationally recognized film festival

For more information visit: Olympia Film Society

Washington Center for the Performing Arts

The Washington Center takes great pride in our track record of presenting the artistic work of the world. We are committed to curiosity and inclusiveness… to trying to understand the world a little more through the performance traditions of many cultures. It is often the sound of an unusual instrument, the unexpected angle of a body, or the different treatment of time that can bring “the other” into focus.

Our curatorial responsibility is broad, including western and non-western work, contemporary and traditional forms, and work that speaks to a broad cross-section of our community. Very few will be moved by all of what we do, but everyone can be moved by some of what we do. Join us and help bring the world into greater focus.

For more information visit: Washington Center for the Performing Arts

Harlequin Productions at the State Theater

In 1991, a group of five people–James L. This, Scot Whitney, Linda Whitney, Phil Annis and Ronna Smith– founded the non-profit theater company. Their goal was to produce a more challenging style of theater than was available locally. Together, they totaled three directors, one actor, one set designer, one technical wizard, and one business manager. They wrote their mission statement, pooled their startup capital–a whopping $400 cash–and began producing individual shows at the Washington Center Stage II, a “black box” venue that seated about 100.

Today they perform and own the old State Theater.

For more information visit: Harlequin Productions at the State Theater