Guest Internet

What we provide for internet now has greatly evolved over the years. Internet access and use has sure changed a lot since 2004, and we like to think we stay on the cutting edge for access, speed and functionality.

The short version is we have WiFi 6 mesh network, with gigabit speeds and bandwidth able to support multiple devices. For the longer version of how we got here read on!

Wireless Internet

When we took over our Inn, we came with the knowledge and experience we had gained in our lives before Innkeeping. As Nathan still has some Internet interests he thought the first new amenity for guests should be High Speed Wireless Internet access. We had high speed Internet and Wireless hooked up within two hours of having the keys! We continue to improve and move with the times with this amenity.

So feel free to bring along your laptop and connect free of charge at the Inn. This should help our business travelers, who will be able to connect in the common sitting room, their own room, or out in the Gazebo.

In the 16 years we have owned and run the Inn we have kept up with technology. We currently run a WiFi 6 router, off a cable modem that can achieve speeds of up to a gigabyte per second. Plenty of bandwidth for multiple people and devices.

If you are coming for a romantic getaway I would check with your partner before bringing along your laptop or whatever you use for work!

We even have a spare Ethernet cable in the computer armoire if your working with a secured work computer (which can be finicky for connecting via wireless sometimes).

Nathan is more than happy to assist you enabling your wireless connection.

Guest Computer

We have done away with our guest computer, as literally no one has used it in a couple of years (bar our own kids). There is still a printer available if you need to print something. You simply need to ask now.

Literally our cell phones have become smarter, easier to use and give us an array of apps that do whatever we once did with the computer for travelers (mainly printing boarding passes!).