Donation Requests

We get asked for donations of our rooms and services all of the time.  So we decided to put together this page to explain who we normally choose to support and our methodology behind it.

Firstly note we are small mum and pop business. No employees. We do not make a huge profit. We live a frugal life.

Secondly, history shows when we donate a room night, people always want to redeem it on busy weekends or during the summer, when we have to make money. This really hurts our bottom line. If we knew the gift certificate would be redeemed on Wednesday in the middle of winter, it would be easy to say yes. that simply isn’t the case though.

Who we choose to support.

Typically we support charities and not for profits that we love, or directly impact our lives or our kids.  We always support our kids PTO, along with 2 or 3 of our favorite not for profits.

Next on a case by case basis we likely support organizations of our friends and family.

Finally, we support local and regional organizations that really promote their donors. Word of mouth is our most effective advertising tool. So if you can get us in front of 1000 people, we are more likely to support us.

Our goal is to grow our business, raise awareness of our Inn and Spa’s existence, and support a organization with a mission we can get behind too.

On the flipside, we typically do not support sports team and cheerleader type groups. We can’t afford to sign our own kids up for extracurricular activities.  As kids and young adults we had jobs that paid for ours.

We hope this makes sense, and you do not take offense. we simply cannot say yes to everyone. At the moment we get at least a request per week. We simply can’t handle that volume.